MyFreeCams Richest Cam Girl

A lot of people who are curious about the webcamming industry like to wonder about who among the MFC top models is the richest, and I would like to offer my opinion, because I’ve known a lot of them, and I’ve followed the goings on amongst MyFreeCams camgirls for some time even before I started camming myself. I’m primarily a Chaturbate model, but I moonlight with MFC all the time.

It’s well known that a top cam model at MyFreeCams can actually earn quite a bit of money if she cams regularly. Top girls there have been reported to make over $75,000 per month. I know of several who have made more than half a million per year for several years. So, it’s very possible to become a millionaire on MyFreeCams if you stick to it for years and years.

Who's the richest MFC cam girl?

I would guess that Ginny Potter and Aspen Rae are likely the richest MFC models right now, because they both work super hard and are pretty much always in the top 20 in any given month. The rankings are based on how many tokens a cam model has made in that month. Both Ginny and Aspen are long-time webcam models at MyFreeCams, so that means they’ve had a lot of time to accumulate wealth.

I remember watching them both many years ago when I first found out about MFC, and they were at the top of the heap then too. So, if you just do some simple math, you can easily see that the both of them have to be extremely wealthy by now, given how many hours on cam they put in.

And let me say that I only wish that I had the sticking power and will to succeed that Aspen Rae and Ginny Potter clearly have. It’s really difficult to keep going on cam, day after day, no matter how bad a slump you’ve been in. Those bad days and slumps can really sap a cam model’s will to keep going. The fact that these two girls can do it, and have consistently done it, is beyond belief in my opinion.

Next year, I think we may see some new girls become the richest models at MFC due to some serious contenders that have emerged recently. I’ll be watching them because I always like to see who’s up and coming. Stay tuned to for more on this subject.


Romanian Webcam Modeling Studios

A viewer friend of mine recently asked me what I thought about the idea of him going to Romania for a few months to setup a webcam modeling studio in Bucharest. He said he had become convinced that doing so could make him a millionaire because of all the money he’s seen Romanian camgirls make on MFC. He said that he found out that studios there usually take about 40% of each model’s earnings on the site, so he figured that after overhead, he would be making huge money so long as he could recruit hot cam models.

A Romanian webcam modeling studio?

It’s true that Romania is like the chief contributor of camgirls to the camming industry right now, even more than Colombia or Russia. I don’t even know why, but webcam modeling is an established part of the culture in that country. If you’re a pretty girl, chances are you’re going to work as a cam model at one point or another in your life. That’s fine with me, the more the merrier. But I honestly have my reservations about foreigners going into Romania thinking they can just startup a webcam studio and be successful.

Basically, you’ve got to admit that you have no idea how to start a business, much less an adult business in any foreign country. Romania has rules and regulations that would affect such a business, so you have to learn them and make sure you’re in compliance. The other thing is, how are you going to be recruiting new models? From what I understand, webcam modeling studios have a really high turnover rate, which means that your cam girls will be leaving you on a constant basis and you will need to constantly be recruiting new ones to stay afloat.

This viewer seemed to be quite enthusiastic about this idea, and he even offered to cut me in if I helped train his models. I expressed my gratitude at the offer, but politely declined. I honestly don’t believe that this could succeed, but if it does, I will gladly admit I’m wrong. It’s just that I know too much about how this business operates. LOL.

Asa Akira is my Fav Pornstar

I found this really funny interview of Asa Akira, and I just had to post it here. For those of you who don’t know, Asa was my personal inspiration to get into the adult entertainment/sex worker world. I became a cam model 100% because of her! She’s totally my favorite pornstar of all time, and I really love her down-to-earth attitude. It’s my dream to actually work with her someday, but you know, everybody hopes for the impossible!

My Webcam Model Blog is Live!

Okay, you guys, I’m starting my webcam modeling blog, and I’ve got big plans for it. You really need to stick around and check out what I’m going to be blogging about because it’s gonna be epic. I’ve been a cam girl for many years, so I’ve got some serious experience in the business and I want to share it all with any of you who are interested in jumping into the game.

I’ve also seen a lot of crap go down in the industry, and I’m going to talk about that too. I’m basically not going to hold anything back, so you guys are bound to like what I’m gonna be putting out. Whether it’s camming tips, or money advice, or just plain drama stuff you’re after, you’ll probably find plenty of it here.